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Brass Fittings - Compression

Brass Fittings - Compression

Known for its simplicity, efficiency and easy of assembly, the Compression fittings are in high demand. We have earned a good reputation as a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of finest Brass Fittings – Compression with long service life. Requiring low maintenance, Brass Fittings are fabricated using high grade metals to ensure corrosion resistance. With a large distribution base, we deliver all orders on time. For reasonable prices, contact us.


Details :

  • Assembly Instructions :
    • Slide nut, Sleeve onto tubing. The thread end of the nut must face out.
    • Insert the tube into the fitting. Be sure the tube is bottomed on the fitting shoulder.
    • Assemble nut to body, and tighten the nut.
  • Materials-Elbow and Tees : Brass forgings-Pioneer compression fittings are made from BS-218 material. The exceptional strength of forge fittings (Over 80% stronger than castings) provides an extra safety factor.
  • Connectors, Unions and Nuts : Stress relieved brass bar stock-BS-249.
  • Temperature Ranges : From - 65oF - 250oF
  • Vibration : Fair resistance to vibration or tube movement, depending on applications involved. Use long nut for additional resistance to vibration.
  • Applications : Use with copper, brass and aluminium. Not recommended for steel tubing manufactured for low & medium pressure tubing connection work where excessive vibrations or tube movement is not involved. This fittings is widely used for connecting gasoline, grease, oil, water, vacuum and air lines
  • Ordering Information : To order, simply specify catalogue number for configuration and size desired

Working Pressure Ranges

PSI  TUBE O.D.(in) Tube Wall
400 1/8 030
400 3/16   030
300 1/4  030
300 5/16 032
200 3/8 032
200 1/2 032
150 5/8  035
100      3/4                 035
75 7/8 035

  • Male Stud

  • Stud Elbow

  • Run Tee

  • Branch Tee

  • Female Run Tee

  • Female Branch Tee

  • Female Elbow

  • Female Stud

  • Elbow

  • Tee

  • Bulkhead

  • Ferrul10


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