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S. S. Tube Fittings

S. S. Tube Fittings

Backed with experience, we have garnered a reputation in manufacturing and supplying top-tier S. S. Tube Fittings in India. Durability and strength are inbuilt in our Stainless Steel Tube Fittings because of which they are excessively demanded in various household and industrial applications.  Avail them from us in different specification at cost-effective prices. We are well-equipped to make prompt shipments of even bulk orders.

Details :

  • Male Connector (PMC)
  • Union (PU)
  • Male Pipe Weld Connector (PPWC)
  • Bulk head Union (PBU)
  • Male Elbow (PME)
  • Union Tee (PUT)
  • Male Adapter (PMA)
  • Union Cross (PUC)
  • Bulkhead Male Connector (PBMC)
  • Reducing Union (PRU)
  • Male Run Tee (PMRT)
  • Elbow Union (PEU)
  • Male Branch Tee (PMBT)
  • Reducer (PR)
  • Female Adapter (PFA)
  • Bulkhead Reducer (PBR)
  • Female Connector (PFC)
  • Tube Cap (PTC)
  • Bulkhead Female Connector (PBFC)
  • Tube Plug (PTP)
  • Female Elbow (PFE)
  • Nut (PN)
  • Female Run Tee (PFRT)
  • Back Ferrule (PBF)
  • Female Branch Tee (PFBT)
  • Front Ferrule (PFF)

  • Female Branch Tee (PFBT)

  • Front Ferrule (PFF)

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